Ride Big Trends in Bull and Bear Markets

Trend following for the rest of us. Learn to trade a simple trend following system, and become consistently profitable with hands-on guidance.

Matthias Hagemann thinking about trend following opportunities

Hey, I’m Matthias Hagemann 👋, a former securities analyst in the FinTech industry.

I dabbled into stock trading at age 15. I bought $500 worth of Apple shares in 1999 which tripled in a few months and imploded when the dotcom bubble burst. Reluctantly, I closed it at breakeven. In 2004, I bought Apple once again and, this time, sold the position when it tripled only to see the price climb higher and higher!

These life lessons allow only one takeaway: You must own the right shares at the right time. I went onto a journey of self-discovery, studied Business Administration and wrote a senior thesis on “The Psychology of Financial Markets” which asserts that people are never rational due to their behavioral biases.

Trend following became a focus topic which I studied vigorously and I can’t wait to share the knowledge with you. I now manage Hagemann Capital, a high-conviction investment fund which gained 1,866% from 2013 to 2020.

After more than a decade of trend following experience, I teach you how to make the big money. I started a Discord server so you can follow my trades in real-time and learn from me directly.

Just like you, I grew sick and tired of trading books and spending money on useless trading courses. None got me any results. All of them claimed to reveal exact tactics but either remained completely vague, or scalped arbitrary chart patterns for little profit. I was furious! If you’re in a similar position like I was back then, you have found the right place.

The way people in this industry charge you high fees or ask you to pay a fortune for trading courses that don’t provide any evidence for success is a shameful sin. They lure you with a (rented) Lamborghini and brag about paper trading profits (while hiding losses). These kids sell nothing but hot air! I have a rock-solid track record.

I treat you like a real person who just wants to become successful. It took me years to get there, but with the trend following system I share with you, you’ll be trading like the big boys in a matter of months. Join the Discord server – it’s completely free.

Why am I doing this, you ask? I want to build a community around a trend following system that works. Simply come to learn and to have a good time!

How I Started With the E-mini S&P 500

You’re not sure whether I’m legit? If you have been scarred like me, you’ll want to see proof before we talk further. Let me show you proof of my humble beginnings:

In 2011, I ran a public experiment in trading the E-mini S&P 500 (ES). You can read through my archived trading journal “ES Trend Following” on Elite Trader in which I accumulated $16,000 with one futures contract.

ES Trend Following trading performance on Elite Trader

All my thought processes are elucidated therein and I answered a lot of questions coming from other traders. It’s impossible to fake those trading results because I posted live trades as they happened.

You will make money hand over fist if you maintain this risk reward profile

I entirely self-taught my trend following system and sharpened it significantly since. It has become a full-fledged system with individual components working together in harmony. One significant component is the modular principle of regression curves backed by the Law of Inertia.

Another component is the so-called ‘triggering level’ which is a price level where prices bounce off from. I frequently noticed that stocks magically bottomed-out or topped-out at such triggering levels. I teach you everything you need to know to trade with them profitably.

I know you can’t sit in front of the screen all day long. Most of you have day jobs to attend to. You are learning a trend following system that actually works, and allows you to compound wealth passively without losing its edge the next quarter!

Real Guidance From a Real Trend Follower

Trend following is a wonderful business. There is no inventory to store in warehouses, nothing to ship, no customers to deal with, no marketing activities to plan. You don’t have to incorporate a startup and hustle your way through product-market-fit. You don’t have to fly around the world attending exhibitions in hope of securing new business.

Unlike real estate, trend followers don’t have to bother with reparations or tenants who can’t pay rent. There is no staff to recruit, and no litigations to deal with.

All you really need to start trading is a good amount of starting capital, a good chair, broadband internet connection, and a proper screen.

TradingView platform on MacBook

Come and join my Discord server and be notified whenever I take action during regular trading hours! I teach you how you can enter trades with the lowest risk and with the highest reward potential. All rules and tactics I share are well-structured, easy to understand and easy to follow.

You’ll only buy strong markets that are moving higher, and you’ll sell short weak markets that are moving lower.

The trend following system tackles the root cause of market movements, not some arbitrary chart pattern. Tactics come and go, but this system has no expiration date. Simply request an invite to my Discord server to get started.