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Sharing trading strategies and mindset lessons from a trend follower’s perspective. Learn how you can also build your own trend following system and trading rules.

Strategies to Radically Improve Your Trading Discipline

To improve trading discipline, you must first define proven trading rules to follow. Disciplined traders abide by their trading plan with every decision and work on their mental strength. Learning how to focus and eliminate distractions is a start.

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3 Reasons Why You Must Find a Trading Mentor

Starting something new is exciting and coupled with a steep learning curve. Trading is particularly challenging to master. It’s not enough to read a book and expect to excel in it. You need a trading mentor.

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Trend Following Is Like Making Great Cappuccino

Profitable trend following is possible but tough. To master a skill that is as hard as trend following, the use of systems thinking dramatically boosts your chance of success.

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