Pinball Trend Following System

The ultimate trend following system that teaches you when to buy oversold stocks and how to ride the massive uptrend that follows. Get a complete step-by-step playbook to following trends with confidence.

How to know when stocks bottom?

Technology investor and former securities analyst Matt Hagemann worked in a series of well-recognized financial institutions and has studied how market participants trade for profit. He is now sharing what he’s learned over the years.

  • Do you analyze stock charts and wonder how you could have bought at a much lower price before the stock started to rise massively?
  • Are you unsure whether a stock has bottomed-out already and you are scared to buy at the wrong time?
  • Do you currently hold stocks that have fallen in value and wished you could avoid buying stocks too high again next time?

These are all frustrations that paralyze rookie traders and that hurt their portfolio’s performance. Why did a stock suddenly turn around for no apparent reason? How can I know when to buy a stock? When should I sell a stock to cut a losing trade? Get out of that hamster wheel. You need a winning trend following system.

Introducing the Pinball Trend Following System

If you want to learn how to buy oversold stocks at the bottom, you can dive into a trend following course that teaches a step-by-step playbook on how you can build a long term investment portfolio with confidence.

Matt has been investing in stock markets for years and developed a trend following system called the Pinball Trend Following System.

Do you remember the pinball arcades of the 1980s? Most machines built since the 1960s have active pop bumpers that bounce the ball off once it touches it. The triggering levels are the proverbial pop bumper of a pinball machine where prices bounce off from once they touch it. The trend following course teaches the very same tactics that Matt applies in his own investing process, and they’re working wonders.

What you have to know in order to understand trends is this: The biggest influence on the price of a stock is the price of a stock. Such feedback loops make trends happen, and that’s where we will make our money.

Ray Dalio “The greatest gift you can give someone is the power to be successful.”
Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associates

Complete Transformation of Your Trading

Trend following is a wonderful business. There is no inventory to store in warehouses, nothing to ship, no customers to deal with, no marketing activities to plan. You don’t have to incorporate a startup and hustle your way through product-market-fit. You don’t have to fly around the world attending exhibitions in hope of securing new business.

Unlike real estate, trend followers don’t have to bother with reparations or tenants who can’t pay rent. There is no staff to recruit, and no litigations to deal with.

All you really need to start trading is a good amount of starting capital, a good chair, broadband internet connection, and a proper screen.

TradingView trading terminal on iMac

The Pinball Trend Following System teaches you how you can enter trades with the lowest risk and with the highest reward potential.

All rules and tactics are delivered to you in a well-structured, easy to understand and easy to follow manner. You’ll only buy strong markets that are moving higher, and you’ll sell short weak markets that are moving lower.

The strength of this trend following system over any other system out there is that you can apply it on any market that you are familiar with. You’re not restricted to trade in a certain way.

It tackles the root cause of market movements, not some arbitrary tactic or subjective chart pattern. Tactics come and go, but this system has no expiration date.

Your Entry Price Decides Everything

Sun Tzu’s classic The Art of War isn’t necessarily recommended reading, but there is a particular quote that resonates:

“Every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought.”

Sun Tzu was referring to the preparation, positioning, and planning that make the difference in the success of a war. That, and knowing when to refuse to fight. A well-planned trend following system, mapped out to the smallest detail, is a guarantor of trading success.

Success or failure is pre-determined even before you have entered a trade. Does it make sense to you? Your entry price determines whether you’ll be able to exit at a better price in future. That’s why the course focuses so much on the trade’s entry and give you countless price action setups to ensure you know what to look out for. If you got the entry right, the trends that ensue will be smooth-sailing.

The trend following course comes in 2 parts that teach you everything you need to know to make profitable investments in the stock market.

Charting Setup

We completely remove the uncertainties that other traders face by setting up our charting platform together step by step. You will immediately feel the result of having maximum visual orientation as soon as you load any stock’s chart.

Rest assured that you’ll be guided through everything you need to know about the charting setup, so you can take control of your trend following success.

Momentum Trades

With maximum visual orientation come better trading decisions. You’ll now learn everything about making correct entries the moment stocks have bottoming-out and before they stage a strong recovery.

All trend following tactics taught in this part are accompanied with numerous case studies that help you understand what to look out for exactly.

Riding Big Trends: How to Maximize Returns With Little Risk

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Trend Following is Not A Mystery Anymore

With this trend following course, you can finally learn to invest like a professional and become the confident and profitable investor you always envisioned yourself to be. By the end of the trend following course, you’ll easily answer these important questions:

  • How to setup your charts with multiple time-frames to find buying opportunities.
  • How to buy into stock reversals with the help of opportunity zones.
  • Where to cut a losing trade if the position doesn’t work out.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no prior experience trading or investing in stocks. Is this course suitable for me?

You need to have some basic knowledge in trading such as sending orders through your brokerage account. Other than that, this course has been kept fairly simple to understand for both rookie and experienced traders and investors.

How do I know whether the trend following system taught in this course is for me?

The trend following system is ideal for people with a long-term investment horizon. It helps you in determining exact buying opportunities of stocks that are bottoming out and that can be part of your investment portfolio for years to come.

Is this strategy suitable for short term trading?

Short-term trading can be alluring to the amateur because of the instant gratifications advertised by other courses. This is a not a get-rich-quick scheme. This course rather advocates getting rich slowly.

Can I trade this strategy with Forex or Cryptos?

The basic principles taught in this course remain the same in any market. You can trade this strategy with Forex and Cryptos as well as with stocks.

Can I reach out if I have questions?

Absolutely. Please write to if you have any questions before or after your purchase. Matt, your instructor, will be happy to answer them.