Trend Following Trading Mentor

Overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving financial freedom. I accompany your trading and give you actionable strategies to profit instantly with trend following.

How I Make You Profitable

Objective Thinking

  1. Read price action correctly and never trade under uncertainty again. We set up your charting platform together to maximize visual clarity.
  2. Rewire your mindset to read market trends objectively and to overcome your fear of holding a position from beginning until end in real-time.
  3. Erase negative trading habits that cause drawdowns and limit your financial goals like overtrading, impulse buying, and selling prematurely.

Systematic Execution

  1. Know exactly where to buy or sell by using your charting setup like how a pilot uses an augmented heads-up display.
  2. Trade bullish markets and bearish markets, and trade successfully around the clock with a proven trend following system.
  3. Limit the initial risk with clear trading rules for stop-loss orders, and secure profits with time-tested position management as a trend evolves.

Trend Architect Quadrant

Let’s Talk

Who Mentoring is Not For

  • Skeptics or people who are constantly unsure, just exploring options, and waste my precious time.
  • People who think they can somehow wing it and DIY themselves to success where 70-80% before them failed.
  • People who just want to ‘pick my brain’ and ‘know more details’ and never make a decision in the end.
  • People who have limiting beliefs and can’t visualize a future where they are trading a large size and where the biggest problem is not knowing what to do with their freedom.

Who Mentoring is For

  • Traders who already know the value of a trading mentor that has achieved the success they want for themselves.
  • Traders who want a much higher likelyhood of them succeeding, remove the risks of losing precious time and money, and realized how hard it is to achieve that on their own.
  • Traders who are serious about becoming consistently profitable for a lifetime.
  • Traders who are sick and tired of day-trading and want a stress-free approach of making money.

“I think your strategy is a stroke of genius! I’m free, truly free now.”

— Ivan, 2020 student

“You opened my eyes to see how I can implement your trading style into trending markets, and I feel like that was the biggest piece of the puzzle.”

— Caleb, 2021 student

“I was looking for a trustworthy mentor who is not trying to sell me courses but just helps me get results. I confirm this was the right place.”

— Jayachandran, 2020 student


How long have you been trading?

I started trading futures in 2007 when I met my own trading mentor. Before that, I struggled in day-trading or tried to pick tops and bottoms. I didn’t know any better. My mentor introduced me to trend following and taught me how to read price action in the bigger picture. He made me look at the market from a completely new angle.

With his wisdom, I ventured out on my own to develop my own trend following system that equally captures large trends. I refined it over many years until it became full-fledged with individual components working together in harmony.

Why should I get a trading mentor?

Different from an off-the-shelf course, a mentor caters to your individual needs and helps you succeed at your pace. A mentor ensures that you commit to your goals. My advice is to pick a person whose results you admire and whose belief system you want to adopt.

Limiting beliefs held me back from succeeding and I wasn’t open to learning from someone else. I understand that resources are scarce in the beginning, but a mentor is going to pay off tremendously down the road by radically accelerating your learning curve, fixing your mindset towards success, and this ultimately reflects on your bottom-line profitability. You judge for yourself if that’s worth something to you.

How is your success with trend following?

My average risk is 1.36% per trade with an average risk-to-reward ratio of 1:4. Trend following is far more rewarding and far less stressful than trading random candlestick patterns day in and day out.

Traders often come to me with popularized myths that holding overnight is scary or trading large time frames causes large drawdowns. Nothing is further from the truth, but most simply weren’t exposed to any better.

How long does it take to become profitable?

My expectation is that you will start to see meaningful results within 1-3 months under my guidance.

A lot will depend on your own personality and on how fast you implement what you learn. Traders who were previously misled by day-trading ‘gurus’ may find it harder to regain trust in the market than those who were not.

What markets do you trade?

I only trade the E-mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ). I learned to focus on one instrument and trade it well. It has the positive side-effect that I don’t need a market screener to hunt for opportunities. I’m always in a position, either long or short the NQ, but never flat. A classic trend follower.

How does your typical trading day look like?

The trend following strategies I teach allow us to live the good life and spend quality time pursuing our own interests. The market does the heavy work for us.

I leave the charts open in the background and look at them once in a while during the trading day, but there are rarely any decisions to be made. This is passive income at its best. If you want this lifestyle for yourself, we should talk.