Why I’m Launching a Trend Following Mentorship

Traders want to make consistent profits. Learning from a trader who has it figured out is easier than trying to succeed by yourself. The trend following mentorship I’m launching arose from the struggles I hear from traders.

If you’ve been following my posts for a while you probably remember that I started a Discord server several months ago.

Based on what people shared, I realized that a lot of newbies are being misled by day-trading ‘gurus’ and start off scalping tiny wiggles. I keep saying that day-trading is a fetish and a dangerous allure. It’s no wonder why newbies end up licking their wounds one after another.

In the community, I ensured that day-trading was strictly forbidden because I wanted us to focus on following the big trends — making the big money if you will.

Instill My Trend Following Mindset

It served as a refuge for newbie traders who got hurt previously. Day-trading ‘gurus’ are spineless marketers for which I have little respect. I was shocked that so many fall prey to their unethical scams.

Introduction on Discord about being misled by day-trading ‘gurus’
Introduction on Discord about being misled by day-trading ‘gurus’

A whole mindset shift is required to succeed in trend following. Trading big trends can be mind-blowing if you’ve been chanting the day-trading mantra all day long, but it will become the most obvious thing to do. The trend is your friend.

You trade stress-free with far less effort and make far more money with the big trends. Day-trading simply doesn’t work.

Introduction on Discord about mindset change
Introduction on Discord about mindset change

Once traders observe my trades in real-time and saw what kind of profits I make, they got more interested in learning from me and asked how they could trade certain market situations.

Community member asking for the trend following system
Community member asking for the trend following system

I went ahead and uploaded a detailed charting setup guide that served as a blueprint for everyone. I received direct messages asking how to trade based off that blueprint, and how to use this or that tool.

Nevertheless, it was still difficult to grasp the entirety of my trend following system. I used parabolic curves which is a novelty to most traders. After all, they are the result of years of my own trial and error and you can’t simply replicate that swiftly. I had no choice but to give individual guidance. Without realizing, I somehow morphed into a trend following trading mentor.

Share Trend Following Signals Live

We chatted both privately and publicly which allowed me to explain my actions step by step. We discussed the price action in real-time and I pointed out where to take trades to instill hands-on knowledge.

For example, I posted a short signal for the Nasdaq-100 on February 25:

Short signal shared on February 25
Short signal shared on February 25

We profited together and the discussions helped me improve the trend following system even further. Long story short, it was a lot of work but we had a blast. Those who trusted my trading strategies and followed my trades made handsome profits.

To be transparent with the community I regularly shared my own trading results. Here’s what I had made from the above short signal:

$52,250 profit from riding a big downtrend
$52,250 profit from riding a big downtrend

Democratize a Trend Following Mindset

While nurturing the community on Discord, I worked on a new mentorship where anyone can learn trend following and imitate my performance in their own trading account. I aim to help anyone succeed in trading — without stress.

That’s my idea behind launching a new trend following mentorship. I mainly trade the E-mini Nasdaq-100 (NQ) and I’m one of the few out there that focuses on multi-week to multi-month trends. No day-trading at all.

If you want to get rid of the day-trading and scalping nonsense and ride the big trends without stress, you should reach out.

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